Dumb Songs EP

by Asa Martin

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1. Dirty Yellow Composites
This song is kind of a self-realization I had about love. I was kind of obsessed with finding the "fairy-tale" and a relationship I had that just seemed to be both of us chasing the same thing.
It's named for Dirty Yellow Composite Flowers.
They grow on the sides of highways off of cigarette butts and car exhaust.
They're little Punks.
They're my favorite.
These little bitches overcome.

2. Charlatannic
This song is about the astringent taste that people who sell false cures for diseases leave in my mouth. Snake Oil. In particular, being at dinner with a woman who was trying to convince everyone around her of her viewpoints…

3. La Luz
La Luz is kind of a weird snapshot at a strange point in my life. A fight I had, an escape, anger at how easily I fall in love, realization of not being fully over a past love, and hope for the future.

4. Whirling Mass of Black & Brass (solo)

5. Dumb Songs
This is a dumb song about how I write dumb songs. It's called "Dumb Songs".

Shout outs to Nikki Singleton, Jon Berry, Luke Dumke, Isaiah Flores, and Maggie Billings for all their help.


released July 29, 2014

All songs written and performed by Asa Martin
@AsaMartinMusic on twitter

All songs tracked, mixed, mastered, and produced by Isaiah Flores at Too Smooth Studios for Too Smooth Productions

Backup vocals and violin tracked by Luke Dumke at The Yard Recording Studio

Additional Vocals on La Luz and Dumb song provided by Nikki Singleton

Violin on La Luz and additional vocals on Dumb Songs provided by Jon Berry
@jonb_777 on twitter

Artwork and graphic design done by Maggie Billings

All rights reserved.



all rights reserved


Asa Martin New Mexico

The unwavering, unflappable, uncompromising notes of his folk-punk anthems barrel down musical staffs like a charging runaway train.

As wise as a young buck descendent of The Mountain Goats & as wild as a drinking buddy of Frank Turner, He’ll have you in a fever if you’ll have him at your bar or in your basement, & you’ll owe him when them tunes take up residence in your head & your heart.
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Track Name: Dirty Yellow Composites
there's something waiting for you in the 90th percentile,
you burned the gas you had bought from three states over in the last quarter mile.
have you seen lady luck, she never ran with me,
and she never wants to make love all she wants to do, is sit and make believe

its finally happened. i swear to god that i've lost my mind.
it seems so foolish, but i'm not going to look for it this time.
head aching, like i swear there's something i need to fear.
It's time to buy a bottle of bourbon, and just growing out my beard. i am so done with this year

i'm sick of playing the song your boy friend never plays,
last night i dreamt that i held you in a heliotropic daze

vivid dirty dreams are stretched through my brain,
if you switch them out for dirty yellow flowers then i'll sing this refrain.

I'm kind of a mess tonight 'cause i'm half drunk and half uptight,
half stressed, and half awake well i'm half dressed for pity's sake
a half glass of wine and a half finished song
the turn down my road turned out to be wrong

my eyes are getting darker, i don't look like myself
i feel like a broken tool, dusty on her shelf

its finally happened. i swear to god that i've lost my mind.
it seems so foolish, but i'm not going to look for it this time.
head aching, like i swear there's something i need to fear.
It's time to buy a bottle of bourbon, and just growing out my beard. i am so done with this year
Track Name: Charlatannic
i just got told get back in line, i never thought it wasn't time, its fine,
i just thought i would keep an open mind,
and in my eyes the alcoholic shine, i'll try to,
flag a different waiter down to ask him for another glass of wine
the air conditioning smells like pine,
at least the pine you think of when you think of all the artificial other kinds

I'll write a song that everyone can, get on board with,
you'll sing along but darling we'll be oh so bored with it.

the language you impart to me,
is never stronger than ingesting 60 thousand tabs of homeopathy.
would someone check the facts for me?
my head is butted by an aching,
caused by all the charlatanry,
the sink has filled to entropy,
a systematic diversion representing the unavailability
Just don't be a tease


I'll be alright, but i won't sleep tonight

Track Name: La Luz
I'm stuck on the couch and it's already october,
I'm trying to stay sensible, but i'm never sober,
i took a drive south, just to space out, just to unwind.
had to get out, to get out the crash of your venetian blinds

You play confrontationist, a cynical sight,
you're stuck as a pessimist, while we play in the light, you wanted to fight
I gotta get to La Luz tonight

I'm sitting half drunk on a concrete floor, in the middle of nowhere,
the banality and sin, is the reality i'm in, with the toss of her glowing hair,
I finally felt a summer breeze that didn't make me wanna puke,
Tell me that your pouting lips, and shouting hips, aren't just another goddamn fluke.

I sit in euphoria, in her harmony,
hanging in hysteria, a simple symphony, when she starts to sing
i hope to hell she remembers me.


Perfection's like a paradox, but only from my point of view,
I tried not to drive around her block just to catch a glimpse or two,
I can't get out the smell of her that she left in my bed
the type of hell that we went through, still won't leave my head

You play the sensationalist, you hit every note
so i'll be an accompanist, just to keep you afloat, you wanted the most
just don't let me become your ghost.
Track Name: Whirling Mass Of Black & Brass (solo)
Cold winter's morning, my Tv's On
but I always see your face it's always you and Kelly Rippa on my
Tv is busted so i'll watch old tapes instead, but the Tae Bo workout's getting old and
Bambi's mom is already dead and i've been

Counting the days since i've been away from you,
A month crawls by and it's only been a day or two,
I never meant to keep you on the phone this long,
I never thought that my love was so wrong,
Why can't we just go back to the way it was the day that was the day before yesterday.

The clock is ticking, as time goes on,
i look beside me on the couch but you're not there you've gone-
away from me now and I can't stand your mom,
otherwise i'd call you to say, that i'm so sorry that it went wrong and i've been

Track Name: Dumb Songs
i found a ukulele in the corner of my friend Nikki's bedroom
nothing I play on it, sounds the least bit manly
which i guess would match Nikki's decor, her bedspread and perfumes
i have a friend named Sydney, she was mad because she missed my show in our home town,
so i'll write her this song quickly,
hope i don't forget to write it down

'cause is 1am and it's much too late, to be up playing dumb songs.

i think it's now my birthday, and i'm laying here alone,
but i've got a ukulele, and the best friends who all care, and family at home
so i'll be sleeping soundly, unlike the neighbors woken up by this hawaiian sound
ukulele's make it oh so hard to worry, and i'll be humming this song when i lay my head on down at

3am and it's much too late. to be up writing dumb songs.

(mutha f^#king whistle solo)

At 5am when it's much too late, to be up writing dumb songs